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Product Information

How do Ottoman Car Mats differ from other car mats options?

Being the unique one in Malaysia, we produce mats with stitchless hot-pressed industrial PU leather that surpass all other options in terms of its durability and solidity. In addition, Ottoman Car Mats provide the biggest 3D elevated coverage which is tailored specifically to every single car models.

What is the difference between the Classic, Galaxy and Titanium?

Although the 3 series are all made with high quality PU leather material, there are some key traits that separates the 3 series

  • Classic: This most popular design closely resembles the original leather texture, offering both affordability and practicality at the same time.
  • Galaxy: With its sparkling design, it brings an enchanting view to your car interior and also a remarkable ability to hide dust and dirt.
  • Titanium: Featuring carbon-fibre-like design gives not only the sleek and sporty appearance, it’s also built to last as it’s crafted with the highest compression production technology.
Is Ottoman Car Mat’s material suitable for Malaysia’s weather?

Our primary material used is industrial grade PU leather which are multiple layer coated to provide an over 100℃ heat resistance, anti-slippery function and extremely high durability that are able to withstand Malaysia’s hot and rainy climate.

Also, produced with latest hot-pressed technology, Ottoman Car Mat provides a stitchless surface texture that effectively prevent moisture and dust from being absorbed into the mat, thus ensuring your car mat is always fresh clean within.

Does the leather surface of Ottoman Car Mat smells?

We are certified by SGS that Ottoman Car Mat’s material is Zero Formaldehyde which means it does not emit harmful particle unlike how usual plastics/PVC material did. Hence, even under Malaysia’s hot weather, you will not experience any plastic/rubber smell during your journey.

Will PU leather material be slippery to step on?

We carefully design the surface texture and shapes to provide better grips. Not only that, the surface layer is coated with transparent protectant layer which also supports anti-slippery function.

Order Information

Can I purchase directly from the store?

Yes, order can be made directly from sales person, agents, and all our physical store locations. However, kindly take note that all orders are not ready made to be collected immediately and would require pre-booking.

I can’t find/unsure of my car model in the website

We have tailored more than 1,000 car models in Malaysia, ranging from antique cars to latest model. If you are unable to identify your car model from our website, kindly contact support at 012 663 3041 for more accurate information.

Can I pay via instalment?

Yes. You can make 3-months instalment payment via Atome or Shopback with any debit/credit card (Subject to registration).

Alternatively, you can also make 6-18 months instalment via Shopee checkout with Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and CIMB credit card (Subject to Shopee’s terms and conditions). Refer to our Shopee shop at

I have more enquiries and need further assistance.

We are always here to help and address any further inquiries or concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us through Messenger, WhatsApp, or email, and our customer representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Warranty Information

Is there a warranty coverage for all of the products?

We do cover 2-3 years warranty for all Ottoman Car Mats series (2 years warranty for Classic Series, 3 years warranty for Galaxy & Titanium Series). There will be no warranty provided for our free gifts and merchandizes given.

What does the warranty covers?

Our warranty for Ottoman Car Mats series covers all product defects as well as wear and tear for every single parts (excluding cut, industrial stain and other intentional damage).

How do I claim the warranty?

You may contact the support and present your information such as product photos, order number, name, car plate number and contact number for verification purpose.

Product After-Care Information

Do I have to take out Ottoman Car Mat and clean?

It is not necessary to remove the Ottoman Car Mat for cleaning purposes due to its well rounded car floor protection. Instead, it can be conveniently cleaned by just vacuuming and wiping the mat surface.

Is special maintenance needed for Ottoman Car Mat due to its leather material?

Our mat is specifically produced to withstand Malaysia’s climate and long lasting usage without the need of any special maintenance other than occasional general cleaning.

Can I use soap/detergent to clean Ottoman Car Mat?

It is not advisable to clean the leather mat with saturated cleaning solutions. Instead, apply wet cloth with water or vacuum clean the mat should have already given the mat a fresh look.

Shipping Information

Which courier service will deliver my order?

BBB express will deliver West Malaysia orders while Eastlink will deliver East Malaysia orders via air freight.

Do you ship to East Malaysia?

Yes. We do ship to East Malaysia via air freight with a surcharge of RM100.

Am I eligible for free shipping?

For West Malaysia order is entitled for free shipping (Excluding Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands and Pulau-Pulau). There will be a shipping surcharge of RM100 to those aforementioned areas as well as East Malaysia.

I have not received my order yet.

Generally, the order lead time is around 7-10 working days. Should there be any assistance required to track the order, please do not hesitate to contact support via call/WhatsApp.

There are missing/incomplete/wrong items received.

We take pride in our product and service quality assurance. However, should there be any mistakes or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact support via call/WhatsApp.

Can I change my shipping address and details?

We will assist to change the shipping details provided if the package has yet to be sent for delivery. Feel free to reach us through WhatsApp support.

Sizing, Fit and Installation Information

Can I custom a special fitting for my car (antique/rare cars/super sports)?

For all rare cars without measurement, we can arrange for on-site or up-to-door fully tailor made moulding services based on case-by-case basis.

How to make sure the mat is tailored to my model/my modified car?

To ensure accurate fitting of the car mat, our technical expert team will reach out personally to confirm the car models & variant after placing the order (except widely common car models without distinctive variants).

For any modified cars (seater changes, woofer installed etc) and special recon cars, please contact the support via call/WhatsApp before placing order.

Is it possible to DIY install the new mats without any tools?

Yes. As Ottoman Car Mats are custom-made specifically to every car models, DIY installation is easy without any tools or seat dismantling needed by following the following steps:

  • Step 1: Remove all existing car floor mats.
  • Step 2: Vacuum clean the dusts and dirt on the car floor
  • Step 3: Place the Ottoman Car Mats according to the car floor’s shape.
  • Step 4: Put additional tape/button for even better fitting if necessary (optional for certain car models).
Is it necessary to remove the original mat before replacing the new Ottoman car mats?

Yes. It is recommended to remove all the existing mats before replacing the new Ottoman Car Mats to ensure the perfect fitting and anti-slippery user experience.

Do you provide installation service?

We do provide free installation service at our branches upon appointment. It takes around 1-1.5 hours for us to clean your car floors and install the new mats properly.

Is there any up-to-door service available?

We have service personnel across Penang, Selangor, KL and JB and up-to-door service is available and chargeable on case-by-case basis.

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